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Plum-Walnut Rye

Decadent whole grain bread with plums and walnuts.

A bread fit for a king, Sułtanski is an indulgent loaf loaded with whole grain goodness, sweet plums and crunchy walnuts. It can be the perfect start to a fantastic day or a satisfying after-dinner snack, but either way it will leave you feeling like royalty.

           – Packed with Dried Plums
           – High Fiber
           – Whole Grain Oats and Rye
           – Rich in Vitamins, Minerals, and  Antioxidants
           – Walnuts Contain Anti-Inflammatory Properties and Contribute to Heart Health

Sultanski is loaded with the same fruit and whole grain benefits as Sliwkowy, but adds decadent walnuts into the mix for an indulgent crunch fit for a king. Whole oats and rye are again the backbone for pounds and pounds of plums whose creaminess in this bread are wonderfully contrasted by the satisfying bite of the walnuts. Blurring the line between breakfast and after-dinner bread, this is a delicious and healthy alternative that is bursting with fiber, protein and antioxidants. Sultanski is sumptuous and smooth, dense and delectable, a winning combination that will leave you feeling like royalty.