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Olive-Rosemary Rye

Flavorful spin on pumpernickel featuring black olives
and rosemary.

With Oliwkowy we take our Pumpernickel to the next level, adding savory black olives and rosemary to a complex bread already packed with spices. A versatile loaf for entertaining, it goes perfectly with any of your favorite toppings.

Late Feb-Early March 2013 662

                           – High in Fiber
                           – Contains Whole Grain Cracked Rye
                           – Good Source of Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants
                           – Olives Possess Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Similar to our pumpernickel, Oliwkowy is brimming with whole grain rye, but in addition to caraway and spices it packs a Mediterranean-inspired punch of rosemary and black olive. It is an assertive bread that compliments a wide range of toppings, from creamy spreads to layers of  meats and cheeses to spicy pickled vegetables. A crackling, crunchy crust protects a delicate crumb specked with toothsome rye berries that is moist and buoyant, consistently gratifying bite after bite.