Furmanek – Spelt Rye

Low-Glycemic Spelt Bread with No Added Sugar

Perfect for those looking to control their sugar intake and glycemic levels, Furmanek is over 90% easily-digestible organic spelt flour and contains no added sugar. To give it a unique and savory depth of flavor we use a combination of red onion and some herbs and spices so that you will never even notice the missing sugar.


– Wheat Free (Organic Spelt Flour For Easy Digestion)
– No Added Sugar (Low Glycemic Index)
– High Fiber
– Whole Grain Oats and Cracked Rye
– Rich in Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants

What happens to bread when you replace all the sugar with savory herbs and spices and replace the wheat with spelt? A little bit of baking magic. In Furmanek we have eliminated all added sweeteners and instead included red onion, dill and caraway to create an intensely flavorful loaf that is ideal for those looking to control their glycemic level or just reduce sugar intake. We also use almost 90% spelt flour and no wheat to keep the glycemic index low and to make it that much healthier and easy to digest. But fear not, this is not just a health bread. All those flavors we add make this a unique and versatile bread. It is perfect for light sandwiches, cocktail appetizers or served with dinner. Never before has addition by subtraction tasted this good.