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Lithuanian Dark Rye

Classic hearty Lithuanian rye bread

Our take on the Lithuanian Dark Rye, Sami Swoi marries hearty dark rye flour with rich molasses for a satisfying and versatile version of the traditional staple. It is fluffy and dense, with an irrestible aroma that fills the entire bakery. Sami Swoi is one of our most versatile breads, perfect alongside soups and stews or with your favorite meats and cheeses

Dark Rye Bread Sami Swoi

                             – Good Source of Fiber
                             – Contains Whole Grain Rye Flour
                             – Soy Free
                             – Rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants

An Eastern European staple, Lithuanian Dark Rye Breads are hearty and durable, but still soft and easy to eat. This version uses a velvety base of whole grain rye flour and molasses to give it that unique color and then we use a blend of rye and wheat flours to give it that irresistible crumb. Our own unique sourdough starter and yeast bring levity to each hand-shaped loaf, making it the perfect choice for sandwiches, alongside soup or stew, or even as a morning toast. Sami Swoi features plenty of whole grain flour, but no trans fats or soy, which means it is a delicious and healthy choice for you and your family.