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Adam & Eve

Buttermilk sourdough with sunflower,
sesame and flax seeds.

Adam and Eve is a creamy and chewy sourdough with no added yeast that marries smooth buttermilk and yogurt with a trio of crunchy seeds. It’s a match made in bread heaven, which is why it’s our most popular sourdough.

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                    – Sourdough w/No Added Yeast
                    – Whole Grain Oats, Flaxseed, Sunflower and Sesame Seeds
                    – High Protein
                    – Rich in Essential Minerals and Antioxidants
                    – Contains Whole Grain Spelt Flour

Temptingly sweet and deceptively sour, fresh Adam and Eve is our most popular pure sourdough. No added yeast means this bread takes hours to proof before heading to the oven, giving it plenty of time to develop that delicious sourdough tang and its complex nutritional profile. Plenty of honey, creamy buttermilk and yogurt, and crunchy flax, sesame and sunflower seeds give Adam and Eve depth and complexity that is rich and rewarding. And with a touch of whole spelt flour and all those whole grains, not in the least bit sinful.