100% Rye Bread

100% rye bread with rye berries and caraway

Unlike most ‘rye’ breads, our hearty 100% Rye contains absolutely no wheat, making it much healthier and a great option for those looking to avoid wheat. We utilize several white and whole grain rye flours, adding some rye berries for texture and caraway for that classic rye bread taste that you know and love!


  – Whole Grain Rye Flour and Rye Berries
  – Wheat Free
  – No Added Sweeteners
  – High Fiber
  – Low Glycemic Index

Our new 100% rye bread is super tasty and aromatic, which calls for less sandwich fixings since the bread itself steals the show! It’s very hearty and plays well with strong cheeses and decadent meats, but has been found on more than one occasion serenading with slices of avocado and tomato.  This bread gets down to business, no frills, no fuss. It contains absolutely no wheat, so it’s all rye and all goodness. Rye bread has long been the go-to bread for health-minded individuals and too long has it played second fiddle to wheat, being hid under the wheat bread somewhere in a forgotten corner. Well we are saying NO MORE! It is time for Rye to retake the leading role and let people know who the new boss is in town. A hefty grain that does not lend itself to industrial manipulation, rye retains its nutrition since it is very difficult to separate its germ and bran from its endosperm. This leaves the whole grain flour intact that can only be sifted, yielding a super tasty and healthy loaf that will leave you full and satisfied. But where almost all rye breads are married with wheat flour to make a mixed loaf, we introduce our “Razowiec” bread which is 100% RYE and no wheat.